For non-profits: What can I do with this?

By applying for a PBNF grant, you automatically created a page on the PIF world platform. If you applied before this feature was active, you can create a page by clicking on “Sign up non-profit” on the PIF world site.

The platform gathers all nature conservation projects and various donors. What you can do:

  • By creating a page on PIF world you can get more visibility, people can find you. It’s almost like a website! Especially great for organisations that don’t have their own website, you can use your PIF page as a reference. 
  • You can look for other projects in your geographical area. Did you try to zoom in on the map? 
  • You can look for other projects that work on the same species. Did you try to type the species you work on in the search box (upper right)?
  • It gets easier and faster to apply for funds. You can go to the page of the Fund and quickly apply through the platform. 
  • You can take a picture or write a news item and quickly share it on your timeline. This way you can share your updates with all your donors at the same time! 
  • You can try out crowdfunding.  

There is much more. Just go to PIF world and start exploring! 

How can I get started? 

Did you create a non-profit page? Great!! Now you can start using it. You can start simple and slow: go to your page on PIF world, click on Timeline and try to share an update or picture. By posting updates, videos and pictures you can inform others in the field what you do. We love to receive your updates!  

For donors: What can I do with this?

Would you like to support an organisation or specific project but you’re not sure which one and you don’t know who to trust?  You can use the PIF world site to find a project that matches your interest and safely donate trough the site itself.   

These are some things you can try: 

  • Type a species or topic in the search bar (upper right) and discover the non-profits and projects that work match your interest. 
  • Zoom in on the world map and discover the projects that are ongoing in the area of your interest. 
  • Click on the projects for more information. Do you have additional questions? Then simply contact the project leader by clicking on its contact information.
  • Not sure if a project or organisation is to be trusted? Look at their Timeline if they received donations from Funds. Did they already receive a PBNF grant? Then you can be sure that a thorough background check has been done and your money will be well used!  
  • Does the organisation have a “Donate” button on their project page? Then they went through a thorough vetting process, so you can be sure your money will end up safely at the project itself. 
  • By clicking “Follow” on the project/organisation main page, you will receive their updates on your timeline. 

How can I get started? 

Simply sign up on PIF world to create your account. Start browsing through the projects and organisations that match your interest. Filter the results by searching keywords or zooming in on the map. You can start following some of the projects that caught your attention. Do you feel generous? Choose between your organisations to make a first donation!