The Prince Bernhard Nature Fund (PBNF) and Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund (MBZ) kickstarted the platform Conservation Connect.

Conservation Connect is the central reference for donors and conservation projects worldwide, to connect and increase impact. It focuses on the local, boots-on-the-ground organizations, giving them a chance to enhance their visibility, credibility, network, and access to funding.

Conservation Connect centralizes all the projects once supported by the PBNF and other Conservation Connect Partners. Have you received support from one of these donors? Then you also have your own profile on this platform! Make sure you update your page and upload some photos, because this will be your digital business card to your potential donors!

How do I apply for a Conservation Connect grant?

In 2024, the PBNF is trying out a new way of sourcing proposals through the Conservation Connect platform. This means we do not have an open call for proposals this year.

We will be giving grants, and these grants will still go to smaller, local nature conservation organizations all over the world like the years before. However, we will invite groups to apply, by means of a closed call. This way, we can try out new and more effective ways of sourcing proposals. In the past, we received over 500 proposals of which we could only fund 20 to 25. We are working towards a system in which both the funders and the grantwriters won’t have to spend that much time on proposal writing, and in which the chance of success is higher. Does that sound good? To us it does. To learn more, stay tuned for Conservation Connect updates! Follow our LinkedIn page to not miss anything.

Our grants play a meaningful role in supporting early-stage conservation projects and programs, and this will keep being one of the foundational pillars of our future strategy. Please contact us for any questions and other communication by writing to