Anne Alexandre

Managing Director

Biologist at heart, Anne Alexandre finished her Master in Natural Resources Management in 2010. She was always keen on traveling and performed extensive internships in the Bolivian rainforest, studying the growth response of tree species in reaction to logging practices and in the Senegalese mangrove forests, evaluating the key success factors for mangrove rehabilitation projects of Wetlands International. She worked as project manager of the non-profit organisation NOTS, developing a business model for sustainable charcoal production and agroforestry in the Sahel region in Mali. She also spent one year piloting the project and laying the foundations of further project execution on site. Keen as she was on traveling and transferring her love for nature to others, she also worked as a tour guide for the Nature Travel Company SNP. Anne moved to Brazil to work as an environmental consultant in Rio de Janeiro for three years. She worked with a variety of different type of companies and NGOs; from small nature organisations to oil companies and engineering firms.

In May 2016 Anne was appointed Managing Director of the Prince Bernhard Nature Fund (PBNF). She believes in the power of small grant funds to make an impact in nature conservation worldwide.

“Prince Bernhard created this Nature Fund with the goal to support the smaller grassroots organisations worldwide in their efforts to conserve and protect endangered species. The protection of endangered species doesn’t just keep one species from going extinct, it goes beyond that as protecting a species contributes to the preservation of biodiversity and often implies the restoration of a certain balance to the ecosystem. These projects, however small, can have huge impact. They are local, they are urgent, they inspire. I believe there is a very important role for grant makers such as the PBNF to connect these smaller conservation initiatives, to each other and to a broader audience, leveraging their efforts to maximize their impact. I believe all conservation funds and organisations share a common goal, but we all contribute in our own way. The PBNF provides seed money to start new initiatives, plays a connecting role between organisations and donors and challenges each other and others to go beyond the conventional views of conservation. I feel privileged to be part of this Fund and contribute to this evolutionary process”