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Frequently asked questions

Which criteria are used for screening proposals?

The Prince Bernhard Nature Fund aims to help save critically endangered flora and fauna in the tropical and subtropical regions of Africa, Asia and Latin America. Preferably, our funding goes to organizations from these regions, sometimes in partnership with parties in Europe or North America.
Due to the limited nature of our funding (our grants do not exceed 25,000 Euro or US$ 25.000), the Fund prefers to act as a catalyzer of larger initiatives, and link its project support as much as possible to larger themes and organizations.
Within these larger level priorities, the Board uses the following criteria in the assessment of requests for financial support:

     -    The clarity and urgency of the conservation case

     -    The amount of funding and/or conservation action (policy, community work) catalyzed by our support

     -    Direct contribution to the utilization and development of local capacity

     -    The mid and long term sustainability of the results pursued by the project - how will the results be sustained once the
          PBN Funding will have been fully used?

How often does the Prince Bernhard Nature Fund meet to decide on project support?

The Board of the Prince Bernhard Nature Fund meets twice a year to review proposals for financial support. The spring meeting of the Board is held in May, the autumn meeting in November. Therefore the deadlines for Application Forms to be send to the Fund are 1 February and 1 August each year. Respectively in June or November/December you will receive information on the Board's decision regarding your proposal.